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Active Abroad Education Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is one the genuine educational Consultancy that has been guiding students to study in different corners of the world. Active Abroad Education Consultancy has a long history of providing the best career guidance and visa success stories of their clients. Along with a team of highly trained counselor and foreign university graduates who are focused more on career counselling where finding the right course along with the right university is just the start.

We also provide the best IELTS, TOFEL, PTE and NAT preparation classes and help the students with the application procedure which also includes university communication, financial documentation planning and visa procession. Active Abroad Education Consultancy can be your reliable team to identify easy solution for all of your study abroad application confusions.

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Message From MD

Dear Students and Parents

Studying abroad is a good opportunity, most students who travel to foreign countries get impacted in a good way,
such as their Success, personality and the way they interact with others. Students who study abroad will benefit
more than they suffer, even though leaving home could be hard, but it is the best challenge students face to
encourage them get back with achievements, personal independence and open minded. Students who study
abroad are more successful because they have enough experiences to face their life in the future and be able to
control their actions, money, and time.

Most students who study abroad face difficulties at first, because they are living alone and away from their
families and friends. Academic achievement is one of the biggest effects students gain from studying abroad.
When students study abroad, they are facing a big shift in their lives. Living in a foreign country makes students
meet new friends that might be smarter, which encourage students to study harder and success. On the other
hand, living far away from families makes a person spend most of his time studying because he has no one to
spend most of his time with. living away from home can be challenging, but it is a good way that make a student
study hard to get good achievements and make his/her family proud.

The second effect of studying abroad is personal independence. Living alone give students the power to face
everything by their own. Students will have too much responsibilities, especially in managing their money and
time. Studying abroad is one of the factors that make students learn how to manage their financial life, they will
have to control themselves to be able to have enough food, pay bills and rents. It is a way that students will
change their personality and make them feel the value of time. A student will have to manage his time for school,
studying, cooking and sleeping. Studying abroad makes students responsible and independence more than
students who study in their country.

The more you interact with others, the more you learn and experience in your life. Most students who study
abroad have a lot of experiences with others. Living with people who have different culture, language and religion
make students learn about others and explore the differences. As a result, they will have experiences with too
many people which make them open-minded and let you more flexible to accept other nations and cultures.
Studying abroad is an opened door for students who want to build their life and personality. Most students who
study in foreign countries get affected positively. For example, their identity and flexibility to accept the
differences between their home and the new country. Students who study abroad will advantage more than they
suffer. It is a hard challenge, however, the goal is support themselves to achieve their goals and go back home
with accomplishments and experiences.

Voice of Student

“I was looking for someone to help me with my visa situation and luckily a friend recommended me to Active Abroad and its one recommendation I can’t thank enough. Active Abroad assisted me from getting a letter of offer for my education, acquiring a student insurance coverage for my stay, and finally arranging my visa.”

Kismat Khadka, Fukuoka, JAPAN

“Active Abroad is one of the Best Consultancy I have ever been. Thanks to Active Abroad family I have been able to make my dream come true.”

Pradip Gnawali, Melbourne, Australia

“Active Abroad Just reminds me of all the good times. I am glad to be part of the institute.”

Sarala Adhikari, Tokyo, Japan, Your Content Goes Here

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