Interview Perpetration

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Interview is like the final iron-gate in the admission process at any university abroad. Students must understand that interviews are one of the crucial elements in determining their admission success. At first, the preliminary screening of the application is conducted based on student’s GPA, (GRE, GMAT, SAT) scores, personal statement, essays and recommendation letters. Once the preliminary screening is cleared, the next juncture can be a Personal interview which is conducted in order to further judge student’s veracity of declarations made in the essays, to assess their level of understanding in terms of university and the country, student’s compatibility and suitability with the course and the university s/he is applying for.


Some universities interview all their applicants who have cleared the preliminary screening tests while others do not. Generally, students applying for the below mentioned programs have to face university- interviews

  • Graduate Business School
  • Medical Residency
  • Top Ranked Engineering Schools

Interviews can be conducted for other courses, at the discretion of the university which requires further information about the candidate. The candidates are interviewed either by the member of admission committee or by the university’s alumni. Some universities keep the option of interview at the discretion of the candidate. However, it is important that candidate should avail this option as interview can give an additional chance to impress the admission committee.