Documentation Guideline

Documentation Guideline 2018-09-24T07:11:58+00:00

stage of their university application. That is because they do not have complete information regarding the documents required.

Valley offers students a detailed and step-by-step guidance regarding the documents that a student requires for a particular destination and how to get those documents ready for application process.

Documents Required :-

  • Passport copy
  • High School Completion Mark-Sheets and passing Certificates
  • College Transcripts
  • Language Proficient Test Scores (TOEFL / IELTS / PTE )
  • Standardized score reports (GRE / GMAT / SAT )
  • Recommendation Letters (LORs)
  • Statement of Purpose (SOPs)
  • Essays (if any)
  • Resume
  • Financial statements
  • Affidavit of Support from the sponsor
  • Any other certificate related to academic/extracurricular activities


The Statement of Purpose and Personal Essays are your opportunities to introduce yourself as the best fit for the program you are applying at a particular university.

SOP can help illuminate your overall profile and help your application make its way to the top of the reams of application forms which an admission committee has to scrutinize.

It is very important to understand that regardless of your academic profile, scores, experiences and extracurricular activities, an impressive Statement of Purpose and an essay can be a deciding factor in determining your candidacy in any program or scholarship scheme at a particular university.